Art at the chapel


Art fills the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Salette. A place for prayer and reflection, built in homage to an apparition of the Holy Virgin, today it has opened up to contemporary creation, with the consent of the diocese of Rodez. While fully respecting the premises, the programme sets out to showcase the work of today’s artists from every horizon. Do not hesitate to take the Chemin de la Salette and walk along the banks of the Dourbie to (re)discover local heritage in the form of exhibitions.

이현정 Lee Hyun Joung

See the installation

Lee Hyun Joung, currently residing and working in France, has forgotten nothing of her childhood in Korea. Her works are infused with the beliefs of her forefathers, the traditional materials of the Land of Morning Calm, and an innate propensity for a form of natural beauty. For her first exhibition at the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Salette in Millau, Lee Hyun Joung chose to celebrate Korea’s natural fruit, the persimmon, a poetic and visual motif that first cropped up in her paintings in 2009. At the heart of the chapel, the artist has erected a monumental tree whose fruits – usually orangey red – are here in immaculate white. Adorned with a multitude of red-cloth strips, the persimmon tree has also metamorphosed into a wish tree, in memory of Korea’s Buddhist and shamanist beliefs.

Until 9 January 2020. See the installation.